Press Release Template

This free press release template will walk you through the basic layout of a standard press release, with elements tailored for online press release distribution. Feel free to use this guide when writing your next news release.

Press Release Components

While there are various press release templates available that will get the job done, effective press releases tend to share most of the same elements. Here are common press release components, and a description of what they are and how they make the press release more effective. Release Time This line graces the top of nearly every press release distributed … Read more

Media Advisory Template

Below is a sample media advisory template that you can use to announce an event to the media, especially if your aim is to have journalists attend the event itself: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Name Address 1 Address 2 Phone number Email address Date The Heading or Title of Your Media Advisory Should Go Here You Can Include a Subheading … Read more

The PR Value of Business Blogging

Business blogging, or corporate blogging, has potential PR value for even small business owners. If you’re considering setting up a company blog for your small or online business, there are several things you might do with that business blog, including: 1. Using the business blog to present company news, or the owner’s (or other high level executive’s) take on industry … Read more

What is a Press Release?

Press releases are the most common form of PR writing. Sometimes called news releases or media releases, press releases are a media relations tool used to pitch a newsworthy story about a business, website, or person to journalists and other members of the media. Press releases aren’t designed to be published as-is. Instead, the purpose of a press release is … Read more

Media Advisory Basics

A media advisory, like a press release, is used to send newsworthy (or “timely”) information to members of the media. However, media advisories are more highly specific. Media advisories tend to deal with event news, and serve as a sort of invitation for journalists to attend. The Difference Between Media Advisories and Event Press Releases Many individuals and companies send … Read more

Feature Writing Basics

What is a Feature? A feature, in PR writing, is similar to a press release in that it’s a story pitched to members of the media in hopes of getting exposure for a person, organization, or website. Features can also be formatted similarly to a press release, and are even distributed in a similar way (through fax, email, mail, or … Read more

Pitch Letter Basics

Let’s explore some of the basics of pitch letters. What is a Pitch Letter? Pitch letters are letters personally written to individual journalists, writers, or editors (and more recently website owners and bloggers) that pitch a specific story idea to them for coverage. Differences Between Pitch Letters and Press Releases Pitch letters and press releases both pitch a potential story … Read more

Choosing a Newsworthy Angle for a Press Release

One of the most important aspects of successful press release writing is choosing or creating a newsworthy angle for the press release. There are many newsworthy angles to take with press releases. Here is a list of common press release ideas. While not every idea is newsworthy enough to warrant a press release in and of itself every time, these … Read more

Components of a Press Release

Even though there are many different types of press releases, all press releases should include several common components. Here are the basic components of a press release, and what should be included in each section: Release Time – The release time of a press release is where you would note “For Immediate Release” or “Embargoed Until” followed by a specific … Read more