My Blogging Business Philosophy: Not Treating Readers Like My Personal Piggy Bank

Running a small business as a solopreneur means having to choose your revenue streams. Sometimes that relies on direct customers, such as for freelance writing services or selling books. At other times, specifically with professional blogging, people might focus on directly monetizing readers. But my blogging business philosophy is different: don’t treat readers like my personal piggy bank. There’s long … Read more

Forgiving Imperfection as a Solopreneur

Working as a solopreneur poses numerous challenges. But one I’ve struggled with most over the years is learning to forgive, forget, and move past imperfection. When working for someone else, unrealistic goals often fall on a manager. And they either handle it well, learning from mistakes to better handle planning the next go-around. Or they handle it badly, placing blame … Read more

Working Hours vs Billable Hours for Freelance Professionals

It’s not uncommon for individuals interested in freelancing to think about potential rate and fee structures in terms of their familiar forty-hour work week. But a freelancer’s hours are actually broken down in two different ways: total working hours (similar to an employee’s work schedule) and billable hours. Let’s take a quick look at how these differ and why it’s important for freelancers … Read more

3 Keys to Freelance Success

Not everyone has what it takes to be a successful freelancer. Several qualities that differentiate a freelance success from a freelance failure are simply character traits that are difficult to alter. Still other factors can be learned. Here are three keys to freelance success; all things that you can actively work to improve upon in your own freelance career: Planning … Read more

Do You Need a Business Plan for Your Freelance Work?

Many freelancers operate under the assumption that since they’re not technically running a business, they don’t need a business plan. Well, is that true, or is it an oversight? Do you really need a business plan for your freelance work? The short answer is “Yes!” Despite the fact that you may not have a registered business, you should still write … Read more