Choosing a Newsworthy Angle for a Press Release

One of the most important aspects of successful press release writing is choosing or creating a newsworthy angle for the press release. There are many newsworthy angles to take with press releases. Here is a list of common press release ideas. While not every idea is newsworthy enough to warrant a press release in and of itself every time, these press release ideas can work in a great number of situations for a large number of companies, organizations, or individuals.

Company Launch – Sending a press release for the launch of a brand new company (online or offline) can be newsworthy.

Product Launch – Sending a press release for the launch of a brand new product (especially if the company has already made a name for themselves) is often newsworthy.

Website Launch – Sending a press release for the launch of a new website can sometimes be newsworthy (only newsworthy if there’s something truly unique or otherwise attention-grabbing, and it’s not newsworthy if it’s already been done before unless there’s major backing by well-known authority figures).

Upgrades – Upgrades on products (such as software), or even websites (especially if it’s for a popular website and the upgrades / updates will drastically affect usability).

Awards – Winning a notable award is generally newsworthy.

Executive Changes – When a larger, or well-known, company introduces new executives into its management team, or promotes from within, it can be newsworthy.

Contests and Events – Holding events can be newsworthy, depending on the appeal to the general population or even within a specific niche. Whether or not a contest is newsworthy will often depend on the award being offered.

Research Results – Conducting quality first-hand research and then publishing the results publicly is very often newsworthy, no matter what the niche is.

Change of Ownership – If a company or large website goes through a merger or acquisition, it will often be newsworthy.

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