Achieve More via Social Media and SEO With This Content Tip

Over the years (largely at the original incarnation of NakedPR) I’ve talked a lot about what’s wrong in the social media and SEO world — from the circle jerk phenomenon of “tribes” to the way bad SEO and social media marketing can make you look like a spammer, scammer, or incompetent dolt. But instead of covering what you shouldn’t do … Read more

Identifying a Website’s Target Market

Whether you’re launching a simple website or a large e-commerce site, identifying a website’s target market from the start is an important step in business planning. Successful website owners put their effort into reaching a very specific target market, sometimes without even realizing it. A webmaster can increase their chances of success by identifying their website’s target market before jumping … Read more

How to Find a Niche for a New Blog

When you want to set up a new blog, the first step is to find a niche (a topic) to blog about. How you choose a niche for your blog will depend on your blogging motivations: whether you’re blogging simply for pleasure, to promote something, to monetize the blog, etc. The information here and in the rest of the “Start … Read more

Ten Tips for Promoting Your Website as an Independent Professional

Whether you’re an independent consultant, an owner of your own consulting firm, or any kind of freelancer, you’ll need a quality web site in order to best market your services in today’s digital age. But creating a business website is not enough. Just because you posted information about yourself and your services on the Internet doesn’t mean anyone is going … Read more

Writing an Internet Business Plan

Writing an Internet business plan for a website or online business is very similar to how to write a business plan for a traditional small business. An Internet business plan should include all basic business plan elements, and the primary differences between an Internet business plan and a traditional business plan will be in the details. Here are the primary … Read more