Make Your Customers Love You in 5 Easy Steps

Whether you’re selling products or services, you want your customers to love you, right? After all, happy customers are more likely to become repeat customers than unhappy ones. On top of that, when your customers love you they might just spread the word, driving referral purchases or at least new visitors that you can convert into more buyers. At the … Read more

Getting Your First Client

You finally took your first steps to becoming an independent consultant or freelance professional. You’ve gone through the legalities of forming your consulting firm or freelance business, set up a company website, designed business cards and had them printed. You’re ready to go. Yet you still haven’t quit your job to pursue independent consulting full-time. Why not? Because you don’t … Read more

Offline Email List Building Tactics

Email marketing may be a form of Internet marketing, but that doesn’t mean an email list can only be built online. There are many offline tactics for email list building, especially for offline businesses wanting to improve their email marketing efforts. Here are nine ways to help build an opt-in email marketing list offline: An offline business can place a … Read more

Marketing Benefits of Blogging

There are many reasons someone might launch a blog. For example, blogs can serve as effective marketing tools for small businesses. Let’s explore how they can be used in that way without coming across as Web spam or “noise.” Here are some of the marketing benefits of blogging you might want to consider as a small business owner: 1. Credibility … Read more

Five Tips for Increasing Online Sales

Whether you sell products or services online, there are a lot of things you can do to increase online sales. Use these five tips to help you increase your online sales easily: 1. If you sell products, offer discounts or free shipping for larger orders. is great at this by offering free shipping on orders over a certain dollar … Read more

Five Email List Building Incentives

One of the easiest ways to quickly grow a targeted, opt-in email list for email marketing campaigns is to offer some kind of incentive to convince subscribers to sign up. The basic process is this: the list builder will offer something for free, but it’s only available to email list subscribers. Anyone wanting the free item or information would then … Read more

Your Target Audience Hates You. Here’s Why.

Does it feel like you can’t reach, or relate to, your audience (whether that includes buyers, visitors, readers, or some other group you’re trying to appeal to and connect with)? Do you struggle to convert visitors to your website into customers or subscribers? Do you sometimes feel like they flat out hate you — or worse, they’re totally indifferent? They … Read more