Press Release Template


Your Catchy Headline Goes Here

This is where you’ll include a short summary of two to four sentences. Some press release distribution sites allow you to include a link here. This section usually shows on RSS feeds, so at least include your website name to encourage type-in traffic if nothing else.

City, State – Date – Type the first paragraph of the body of your press release here. This paragraph should very briefly answer the questions of Who?, What?, When?, Where?, and Why?

The second paragraph of the body of your press release should elaborate on your news, and give further details.

Continue with short paragraphs to discuss different aspects of your company’s or site’s news, including a quote when appropriate. A quote should only contain something that needs to come from a representative of the company or authority source to give it credibility.

The last body paragraph should include less important details and supplemental information not included earlier.

About Your Company

You should include a boilerplate (it’s often the same on every press release you send) with a basic description of who you are and what you do. Give relevant statistics, or any information that makes you seem newsworthy in a general sense (being a major international organization, a published author, etc.).

For more information about Your Company/Site or (specific news, product, etc. in the release), please contact Your Name at Your Phone Number.

Contact Info:
Contact Name
Company Name
Mailing Address
City / State / Zip (or City / Country)
Phone: Your Phone Number
Email: Your Email Address
Web: Your Website URL


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