Sample Internet Marketing Plan Outline

Drafting an Internet marketing plan is an important step in launching a website or online business. Understanding the site’s target market, competition, marketing budget, strengths, and weaknesses allows for the best Internet marketing tactics to be chosen to get the most visitors or profit with the least amount of time or money. Here is a sample Internet marketing plan outline:

I. Executive Summary

Just like in a regular marketing plan, an Internet marketing plan should have an overall summary, called an Executive Summary. This summary of the entire Internet marketing plan will be the first marketing plan element, but will be the last section written.

II. Situational Analysis / Market Analysis

Give background information on the market the particular website or online business is participating in, including target market demographics, a mention of the biggest competition and a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that the website will face).

III. Marketing Goals and Strategies

Once the basic market background is covered, and the competition is analyzed, lay out the marketing goals for the website or online business in the Internet marketing plan, in addition to the general strategies for achieving those goals, and the more specific Internet marketing tactics that will be used (even map Internet marketing tactics out on a calendar for planning).

IV. Financials

One of the most important parts of an Internet marketing plan is the budget. Determine how much money will be spent on Internet marketing efforts, and when certain money will be spent on specific Internet marketing tactics. Also include projections (or forecasts) detailing what revenue or sales figures are anticipated as a result of the planned Internet marketing efforts.

V. Evaluation

Describe how marketing successes or failures will be measured against the marketing goals, or any evaluation methods to prove the effectiveness of any Internet marketing tactics (surveys, focus groups, etc.).

VI. Addenda

Include any additional information, charts, graphs, or other material that couldn’t be included directly in the text of the Internet marketing plan.

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  1. Unfortunately it took me 6 years of wasting time, energy, and money before I realized how important it is to have a business plan and strategy for internet marketing. Once I realized it and began working with one, my business has grown exponentially ever since. Prior to that, I felt like a pinball bouncing around purchasing & using various books, tools, tactics, & services without really knowing which direction I was going next. Even the online hobbyist needs to have a business plan.


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