Growing Your Business in 2024: Focus and Systems

At the start of most years, I put together my list of resolutions–both personal and professional. Then I break those goals down into micro-tasks. This works well for me because I can squeeze in progress no matter how much, or how little, time I have any given day. This year I’m doing something different: I’m focusing on a combination of … Read more

How I Organize Business Planning as a Solopreneur

Business planning doesn’t have to be complicated. But finding a system that works for you is essential to keep things running smoothly. In this post, learn how I organize business planning as a solopreneur. I share my system combining digital and analog tools to keep my work organized (including Todoist, bullet journals, index cards, and notepads). Use those tools or whatever keeps you accountable and makes your work days easier.

My Blogging Business Philosophy: Not Treating Readers Like My Personal Piggy Bank

Running a small business as a solopreneur means having to choose your revenue streams. Sometimes that relies on direct customers, such as for freelance writing services or selling books. At other times, specifically with professional blogging, people might focus on directly monetizing readers. But my blogging business philosophy is different: don’t treat readers like my personal piggy bank. There’s long … Read more

Forgiving Imperfection as a Solopreneur

Working as a solopreneur poses numerous challenges. But one I’ve struggled with most over the years is learning to forgive, forget, and move past imperfection. When working for someone else, unrealistic goals often fall on a manager. And they either handle it well, learning from mistakes to better handle planning the next go-around. Or they handle it badly, placing blame … Read more

Lessons From Long Blogging Breaks

It’s a new year, and that often means big changes in my business. A big change for 2021 is revamping my entire blogging system and schedule in an attempt to rebuild my little “blog empire.” But this comes after a long blogging break. From 2017-2018 I went through a pretty tumultuous time. It left me emotionally beaten down and feeling … Read more

New Year Necessities: Goals, Giving Up, & Unplanned Changes

Bear with me on this long, somewhat rambling, personal year-end update. Most years I post my big year-end resolution lists with goals and plans for the new year. This mostly involves the writing side of my business, so I would share those lists on my freelance writing site. This year I didn’t share that list. Actually, this time I’m entering … Read more

Achieve More via Social Media and SEO With This Content Tip

Over the years (largely at the original incarnation of NakedPR) I’ve talked a lot about what’s wrong in the social media and SEO world — from the circle jerk phenomenon of “tribes” to the way bad SEO and social media marketing can make you look like a spammer, scammer, or incompetent dolt. But instead of covering what you shouldn’t do … Read more