Email Marketing Tips and Tactics

Email marketing includes much more than just sending email newsletters to website visitors. Email marketing is an important type of Internet marketing, and allows webmasters and online business owners to use inexpensive direct marketing and relationship marketing tactics quickly and efficiently. Here are some uses for email marketing: 1. Email newsletters 2. Email offers and coupons to past customers or … Read more

Choose the Best Internet Marketing Tactics

When running a website or online business, it’s important to choose the best Internet marketing tactics, which will offer the biggest reward in traffic or income compared to the amount of time or money invested. This is called getting a good ROI (return on investment) from your Internet marketing tactics. There are many common, and general, forms of Internet marketing, … Read more

Online Branding Basics

Branding, or brand marketing, is a basic concept in marketing. Essentially, branding involves marketing materials and tactics that help to build and maintain an image with a company’s, or website’s, target market. Branding on the Web is about building recognition of a website, and giving visitors or customers a specific feeling or attitude about the site, based on the message … Read more

Online PR Basics

Online PR (online public relations) is about using the Internet to connect with a website’s or business’ key publics or audiences, to build awareness and increase exposure, to build and maintain an image and brand trust, and to communicate to solve crises. Online PR works much in the same way as traditional public relations, only with a different set of … Read more

Sample Internet Marketing Plan Outline

Drafting an Internet marketing plan is an important step in launching a website or online business. Understanding the site’s target market, competition, marketing budget, strengths, and weaknesses allows for the best Internet marketing tactics to be chosen to get the most visitors or profit with the least amount of time or money. Here is a sample Internet marketing plan outline: … Read more

Internet Marketing Basics

The Internet has become one of the strongest, and most popular, marketing tools of choice for long-standing businesses as well as the Web-only businesses or websites that seem to appear overnight. To understand the popularity of Internet marketing and learn how to implement it to your advantage, you need to know the basics of Internet marketing. Definition of Internet Marketing … Read more

Writing as a Promotional Tool

One of the best ways to promote your business, your website, or even yourself (and sometimes an overlooked promotional tool) is writing. There are several types of promotional writing that can help you to build publicity. Here are a few examples: Press Releases  Press releases are probably the most obvious type of writing that you can use to gain publicity. … Read more

Marketing Strategy: 4 Ps of Marketing

One of the most basic concepts in marketing is the 4 Ps of marketing. The 4 Ps of marketing will be the foundation of any business’ marketing strategy in their marketing plan. Here you’ll find an explanation of each of the 4 Ps of marketing. Product: As the first of the 4 Ps of marketing, you have ‘product.’ This will … Read more

What is Marketing?

If you run a business of any kind, you’ve probably heard of marketing, and you know you need to use it. But what is marketing? Definition of Marketing In its most basic form, marketing is what brings customers, and therefore money, into your business. You can create a product or offer a service, but if no one knows about it, … Read more

Do You Need a Business Plan for Your Freelance Work?

Many freelancers operate under the assumption that since they’re not technically running a business, they don’t need a business plan. Well, is that true, or is it an oversight? Do you really need a business plan for your freelance work? The short answer is “Yes!” Despite the fact that you may not have a registered business, you should still write … Read more