Do You Need a Business Plan for Your Freelance Work?

Many freelancers operate under the assumption that since they’re not technically running a business, they don’t need a business plan. Well, is that true, or is it an oversight? Do you really need a business plan for your freelance work? The short answer is “Yes!” Despite the fact that you may not have a registered business, you should still write … Read more

Ten Tips for Promoting Your Website as an Independent Professional

Whether you’re an independent consultant, an owner of your own consulting firm, or any kind of freelancer, you’ll need a quality web site in order to best market your services in today’s digital age. But creating a business website is not enough. Just because you posted information about yourself and your services on the Internet doesn’t mean anyone is going … Read more

Writing an Internet Business Plan

Writing an Internet business plan for a website or online business is very similar to how to write a business plan for a traditional small business. An Internet business plan should include all basic business plan elements, and the primary differences between an Internet business plan and a traditional business plan will be in the details. Here are the primary … Read more

Basics of Online Market Research

When starting an online business, it’s essential to conduct market research prior to a website’s launch. The Web offers many opportunities for conducting inexpensive or free online market research, which you can do independently. Online market research makes competitive analysis and marketing plan development a cost-effective reality for online business owners. Market research is important for several reasons: 1. To … Read more

How to Choose an Online Business Opportunity

If you want to start your own online business, the first thing to do is choose a small business idea or online business opportunity. When choosing a business idea, there are several things to consider, including: 1. Your interests and passions – An online business opportunity, like any small business startup, can take time to become profitable. If you want … Read more

How to Choose a Web Hosting Company for Your Online Business

Once you’ve chosen an online business opportunity, have done some basic business planning, and have chosen a business name and domain name, you’ll need to choose a Web hosting company to host your website online. There are a variety of Web hosting options available, from free Web hosting to shared Web hosting (where more than one customer’s websites are hosted … Read more

Choosing a Business Name and Domain Name for Your Online Business

While choosing a business name is important for any small business startup, online businesses also need to choose a domain name to correspond with a business name. Before thinking about an actual domain name, it’s important to choose an effective business name. A high quality business name will be: 1. Marketable and able to adapt to various branding efforts easily. … Read more

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

The following guerrilla marketing tactics can help you to wage an inexpensive, yet highly effective, marketing campaign for your consulting firm or freelance business. Guerrilla Marketing Tactic 1: Webzines Start a webzine related to your industry that will bring potential clients to your site. Advertise your services there. Guerrilla Marketing Tactic 2: E-zines / Email Newsletters Send e-mail newsletters to … Read more