What Press Releases Aren’t

Note: This post was originally published at NakedPR.com and was moved to Kiss My Biz upon that blog’s reorganization. – There’s one thing in particular that drives me crazy in working with webmasters on press release writing and distribution. Far too many honestly believe that “press releases” and “articles” are the same thing. I stumbled upon a job posting where … Read more

Free Press Release Template – Online

Here is a sample online free press release template that you can use as an outline in your own press release writing, while keeping online press release distribution in mind: SAMPLE PRESS RELEASE TEMPLATE FOR ONLINE PRESS RELEASE DISTRIBUTION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Title of Your Press Release Will Go Here in Bold Type When you distribute a news release … Read more

5 Easy Ways to Have Your Press Release Ignored

There are plenty of tips available about how to write a press release. Instead, let’s look at some press release “sins,” with these five easy ways to have a press release ignored by the media. 1. Forget to include media contact information. If a news angle catches the attention of a journalist, they might need to contact someone for additional information … Read more

Why WordPress is a Great Platform for Your Business Website

Are you looking to launch a new business website or overhaul your current old static HTML site? If so, content management systems are a great option. They let you manage and update your website from anywhere you have an internet connection. But with so many content management systems available, which should you choose? When it comes to choosing a CMS, I’m … Read more

Working Hours vs Billable Hours for Freelance Professionals

It’s not uncommon for individuals interested in freelancing to think about potential rate and fee structures in terms of their familiar forty-hour work week. But a freelancer’s hours are actually broken down in two different ways: total working hours (similar to an employee’s work schedule) and billable hours. Let’s take a quick look at how these differ and why it’s important for freelancers … Read more

Marketing Benefits of Blogging

There are many reasons someone might launch a blog. For example, blogs can serve as effective marketing tools for small businesses. Let’s explore how they can be used in that way without coming across as Web spam or “noise.” Here are some of the marketing benefits of blogging you might want to consider as a small business owner: 1. Credibility … Read more

Online Press Room Basics for Your Small Business

An online press room (or online media room, news room, etc.) can be a beneficial addition to the website of any home, small, or online business, although it’s something many small businesses never develop. Let’s explore a few online press room basics. What is an Online Press Room? An online press room is like an interactive media kit. It’s where … Read more

Creating Start-Up Content for Your New Blog

After you’ve decided to launch a new blog, have chosen your niche, and have come up with a marketing plan and overall content strategy, it’s time to create some start-up content for your new blog (before launching). Why Pre-Write Start-Up Content? A lot of new bloggers are overwhelmed pretty quickly when they realize not only how much time they can … Read more

Creating a Content Strategy for Your New Blog

When you launch a new blog, it’s a good idea to have some kind of content strategy in place. That doesn’t just mean that you should have a basic category structure setup, or a posting schedule in mind, or a handful of ideas to blog about. Your content strategy is your long-term plan for the content on your blog. Although … Read more