Marketing Benefits of Blogging

There are many reasons someone might launch a blog. For example, blogs can serve as effective marketing tools for small businesses. Let’s explore how they can be used in that way without coming across as Web spam or “noise.”

Here are some of the marketing benefits of blogging you might want to consider as a small business owner:

1. Credibility

Because a blog allows an executive, owner, or other company representative to use their own voice while discussing company or industry news, a business blog becomes a platform for sharing expertise and a valued take on an industry or niche. In other words, blogs help you build a reputation as a “thought leader.”

2. Simplicity / Cost Effectiveness

As far as marketing tools go, you get a lot of bang for your buck with blogging. It doesn’t have to take a huge amount of time out of an executive’s workday if they choose to write their own posts, especially compared to more formal tools like white papers or reports.

You don’t need fancy or expensive equipment or even software to set up a business blog. You can set one up in a matter of minutes, and for free. Of course you can also spend money on premium platforms, plugins, and designs if you choose to. But as far as tools for communicating with your target market go, blogging can be one of the least expensive options around.

3. Market Reach Potential

By launching a public business blog, you have direct access to your company’s target market. If you’ve targeted them effectively with your content, that’s who will come to the blog looking for news, tips, or industry commentary.

The more trusted your company becomes in the eyes of its target market, the better the chances that the same audience will think of you first when in the market for your products or services. Quality blogs offer you reach and access to build both credibility and relationships while giving you a place to showcase your “voice” and what sets you apart from your competition.

This article was originally featured on April 15, 2007. It was updated for re-publication on its currently-listed publication date.

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