Online PR: Benefits of Blogging

Note: This post was originally published at and was moved to Kiss My Biz upon that blog’s reorganization. – Blogs can be used in marketing, to share information, and can even be a viable online business opportunity on their own. There are also public relations benefits of blogging. Here are a few: Key Audience Reach PR is all about … Read more

Marketing Benefits of Blogging

There are many reasons someone might launch a blog. For example, blogs can serve as effective marketing tools for small businesses. Let’s explore how they can be used in that way without coming across as Web spam or “noise.” Here are some of the marketing benefits of blogging you might want to consider as a small business owner: 1. Credibility … Read more

Creating Start-Up Content for Your New Blog

After you’ve decided to launch a new blog, have chosen your niche, and have come up with a marketing plan and overall content strategy, it’s time to create some start-up content for your new blog (before launching). Why Pre-Write Start-Up Content? A lot of new bloggers are overwhelmed pretty quickly when they realize not only how much time they can … Read more

Creating a Content Strategy for Your New Blog

When you launch a new blog, it’s a good idea to have some kind of content strategy in place. That doesn’t just mean that you should have a basic category structure setup, or a posting schedule in mind, or a handful of ideas to blog about. Your content strategy is your long-term plan for the content on your blog. Although … Read more

What is Your Blog Business Strategy?

Does your company have a blog yet? While they aren’t right for every business, blogging can serve a number of business purposes. Let’s look at three common examples of blog business strategies to help you decide which one might be right for your venture. Blogging as a Marketing Tool Blogs can be effective marketing tools. For example, you might use them to … Read more

Are Your Comment Policies Hurting Your Conversations?

I’m a strong believer that communications professionals (especially in PR and social media areas) have a responsibility to be somewhat liberal in their comment policies on blogs, networks, etc. Why? Because I don’t think you can really advocate for building conversations if you aren’t open to them yourself–even if they may get a bit heated. NakedPR only now has an … Read more

Why Controversial Blog Posts are a Good Thing

Are you the type of blogger who likes to “play it safe,” or do you jump into the fray when hot topics come up in your industry? This post, originally published at, explores why I love controversial blog posts, and think blogs would be sad little places without them.