Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Consultants and Freelancers

Guerrilla marketing tactics have the potential to provide great marketing results, with minimal cost. The focus in guerrilla marketing is on a combination of creative thinking and an investment of time. The following guerrilla marketing tactics can be utilized effectively by many types of small businesses, consultants, and freelance professionals.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactic 1: Webzines

Start a webzine related to your industry that will bring potential clients to your site. Advertise your services there.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactic 2: E-zines / Email Newsletters

Send e-mail newsletters to current, past, or potential customers on a regular basis.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactic 3: Cards

Send cards or e-cards to clients on special dates: their birthday, the day of your first meeting, a thank-you card after you give a pitch, etc.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactic 4: Forums / Newsgroups

Regularly participate in online newsgroups and forums. Include your business name and contact information in a signature file at the bottom of every post you make. Don’t use them strictly for advertising. Provide solutions for real problems, and help build your reputation.

Guerrilla Marketing Tactic 5: Speeches / Seminars

Offer to give speeches to companies, schools or organizations about your field of expertise. You can hand out business cards or brochures at most events.

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