Free Press Release Template – Basic

Here is a sample press release template that you can use as an outline in your own press release writing:



Your Contact’s Name
Your Contact’s Phone Number
Your Contact’s Email Address


The Title of Your Press Release Will Go Here in Bold Type

City, State – Date – Type the first paragraph of the body of your press release here. This paragraph should very briefly answer the questions of Who?, What?, When?, Why?, and Where?

The second paragraph of the body of your press release should elaborate on your news, and give further details.You can include a brief summary after the details of your press release.

For more information, please contact Your Name at Your Phone Number, or via email at

About Your Company

You should include a boilerplate (it should be the same on every press release you send) with a basic description of who you are and what you do. Give relevant statistics, or any information that makes you seem newsworthy in a general sense (being a major international organization, a published author, etc.).Include any additional details here (can be in a smaller font). These details would be descriptions to accompany photos, details about other references you’ve made, or instructions for members of the media if you’d like them to appear at an event.


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