3 Reasons to go from Entrepreneur to Infopreneur

As an entrepreneur, you may earn your living in any number of ways – most likely selling a service, products, or some combination of the two. Something many entrepreneurs don’t ever consider is becoming an “infopreneur.” Yet becoming an infopreneur can lead to more exposure for the primary business and even more direct income (sometimes even in a relatively passive revenue stream.

What is an Infopreneur?

An infopreneur is someone who sells informational products. This may be their sole business, or something done “on the side” in addition to running a more traditional small business.

What are Informational Products?

So what kinds of things can you do to go from entrepreneur to infopreneur? Here are few common options:

  • Write a book.
  • Write an e-book.
  • Create an informational website (often monetized by ad revenues). This can be a static site set up once, or a regularly-updated blog.
  • Offer seminars or webinars (more technically a service, but they still fall under the tools of infopreneurs).
  • Offer classes or e-courses.

Why Become an Infopreneur?

  1. Any entrepreneur can do it. It’s all about sharing your expertise. Even if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of writing a book or creating another informational product, you can always outsource things to a ghostwriter, programmer, etc. working closely with them.
  2. Info products and services lead to exposure. They don’t only get your name out there, but they’re all excellent vehicles for more directly promoting your business. They can lead to more media interviews, and even more customers or clients for your business.
  3. Most, if not all, informational products can be monetized directly, giving you an extra income stream. This is optional of course – you may find there’s more marketing value in offering information for free, to build that exposure and generate more business (more true for those selling high-ticket products and services).

Have you made the leap from entrepreneur to infopreneur? What kinds of information products do you sell, and how have they impacted other areas of your business?

Note: This post was originally published on July 21, 2008.

3 thoughts on “3 Reasons to go from Entrepreneur to Infopreneur”

  1. I ran across your site. What im looking for is info on setting up an Info site and possibly do ebooks and answer questions via paypal or credit card. Im very new to this, but I am an expert on 2 topics and rally dont know where to start. Do you offer a program that would help?
    thank you
    Mike Sparks
    Smyrna, TN


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