Benefits of Corporate Blogging

Many businesses, large and small, are setting up corporate blogs (or business blogs). Corporate blogging is still relatively new as a marketing, PR, and business communication tool. Is corporate blogging right for your business? Consider some of these benefits of corporate blogging when deciding to blog or not to blog “officially” through your company.

  • Corporate blogs are a way to disseminate important and timely information to your visitors, customers, or other audiences about your company, before that information is sent out by someone else (and more directly than using a press release alone). This allows the company to appear more transparent with members of their market.
  • Blogs offer benefits over other social mediums of connecting with a target audience due to the fact that editorial control (over posts and comment approvals) is in the hands of the company or their blogger.
  • A corporate blog allows the company to be officially represented by an authority individual (CEO, other executive, etc.).
  • Blogs are a natural networking tool, allowing a company and its owner to network with others in their industry (which can lead not only to connections, but also backlinks leading to targeted traffic and greater exposure).
  • Blogs are usually updated fairly often, which search engines love. A well-optimized blog can help to draw in additional search engine traffic that might be interested in what the company has to offer.

Corporate blogging isn’t for all companies. Not all owners, CEOs, or executives are good bloggers naturally, and not every company will realize every benefit of business blogging. As with all things, know your market / audience, and tailor your efforts to them.

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