Writing an Internet Business Plan

Writing an Internet business plan for a website or online business is very similar to how to write a business plan for a traditional small business. An Internet business plan should include all basic business plan elements, and the primary differences between an Internet business plan and a traditional business plan will be in the details. Here are the primary … Read more

How to Choose an Online Business Opportunity

If you want to start your own online business, the first thing to do is choose a small business idea or online business opportunity. When choosing a business idea, there are several things to consider, including: 1. Your interests and passions – An online business opportunity, like any small business startup, can take time to become profitable. If you want … Read more

How to Choose a Web Hosting Company for Your Online Business

Once you’ve chosen an online business opportunity, have done some basic business planning, and have chosen a business name and domain name, you’ll need to choose a Web hosting company to host your website online. There are a variety of Web hosting options available, from free Web hosting to shared Web hosting (where more than one customer’s websites are hosted … Read more

Choosing a Business Name and Domain Name for Your Online Business

While choosing a business name is important for any small business startup, online businesses also need to choose a domain name to correspond with a business name. Before thinking about an actual domain name, it’s important to choose an effective business name. A high quality business name will be: 1. Marketable and able to adapt to various branding efforts easily. … Read more