What is Your Blog Business Strategy?

Does your company have a blog yet? While they aren’t right for every business, blogging can serve a number of business purposes. Let’s look at three common examples of blog business strategies to help you decide which one might be right for your venture. Blogging as a Marketing Tool Blogs can be effective marketing tools. For example, you might use them to … Read more

Are Your Comment Policies Hurting Your Conversations?

I’m a strong believer that communications professionals (especially in PR and social media areas) have a responsibility to be somewhat liberal in their comment policies on blogs, networks, etc. Why? Because I don’t think you can really advocate for building conversations if you aren’t open to them yourself–even if they may get a bit heated. NakedPR only now has an … Read more

Why Controversial Blog Posts are a Good Thing

Are you the type of blogger who likes to “play it safe,” or do you jump into the fray when hot topics come up in your industry? This post, originally published at Jentrepreneur.com, explores why I love controversial blog posts, and think blogs would be sad little places without them.

Choose a Name, Domain, and Host for a New Blog

After you’ve chosen a niche for your new blog, the next steps in setting up a blog are choosing a blog name, domain name, and Web hosting company. Start by reading Choosing a Business Name and Domain Name for Your Online Business. If you’re setting up a blog with the expectation of it being a long-term project, business model in … Read more

Benefits of Corporate Blogging

Many businesses, large and small, are setting up corporate blogs (or business blogs). Corporate blogging is still relatively new as a marketing, PR, and business communication tool. Is corporate blogging right for your business? Consider some of these benefits of corporate blogging when deciding to blog or not to blog “officially” through your company. Corporate blogs are a way to … Read more

The PR Value of Business Blogging

Business blogging, or corporate blogging, has potential PR value for even small business owners. If you’re considering setting up a company blog for your small or online business, there are several things you might do with that business blog, including: 1. Using the business blog to present company news, or the owner’s (or other high level executive’s) take on industry … Read more